About me

About me:

I am a Human Resources graduate from the University of Trier, Germany and the ICN of Nancy, France. I started my career in 2005 in Luxembourg in the HR Department of a large audit company and have since then continuously observed the Luxembourgian workplace and its developments in terms of Finance and HR. I like to think outside the box, to share my opinion and to be challenged on it. So please feel welcome to share your ideas with me. In case you would like to share with other Finance colleagues your latest Finance projects, your thoughts on a specific Finance topic or your success stories, please send me the text, either in French, German or English and it will be published on this blog – of course, free of charge.

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All views and opinions are mine. I don’t necessarily represent the views of the company I work for. Anything about the company I work for is released through official channels and not through my blog.

So, welcome to my Finance-blog!